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Financial Management and Budgeting

How does your organization rank against its peers? Knowing your ranking in the industry can point you toward key assessments of your group’s capabilities and shortfalls. Our consultants will utilize benchmarking data from various sources to measure performance in many areas, including:

  • Staffing
  • Productivity
  • Overhead
  • Patient volume
  • Physician compensation
  • Procedure costs

Our consultants will benchmark your practice on various levels; including, as a whole, by the services it provides or by the performance of individual physicians. This will provide your group with a comprehensive picture as to how your group compares to its peers.

Strategic Planning

It is critical in today's operating environment to plan and know the future direction of your medical group.  Successful medical groups regularly engage in strategic planning. These planning sessions help ensure that the group's leadership and staff work together for the benefit of the group. We assist groups in the following areas:

  • Evaluate and Assess changes in their marketplace
  • Evaluate and Assess internal issues
  • Conduct SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Development meaningful and achievable goals and objectives
  • Set realistic Action Plan(s) 

Marketing, Advocacy, Community Engagement

Demographic Studies: A market assessment is conducted to learn about the patient population served. This analysis is critical to the development of the group's scope of services including the creation and implementation of new services and practice locations.

Advocacy and Community Engagement:  Who are the major agencies/organizations/leaders in your community?  How can improved relationships with these individuals and organizations enhance your group's success?  The AIMS team will work with you and those groups and individuals identified to build systems of collaboration AIMED at securing the health of the community's residents and the health of the community's economy.  A Healthy Resident helps to create a Healthy Community.

Employee Relations and Team Building

Critical to any team's success is each member of that team.  Our consultants will assist groups with assessing staff satisfaction and factors impacting team success, so that solutions can be developed to assure maximized team engagement to the goals and objectives of the group. Tools that will be used include staff satisfaction surveys, individual assessments and team building tools utilized throughout the industry to generate maximize team success.  

Patient Satisfaction

The ongoing and regular assessment of patient feedback regarding the services rendered and the clinical environment is critical to team success.  The consultants at AIMS will initiate tools to obtain feedback from patients and this information will be used to identify needed solutions to drive necessary changes to fully enhance the patients' satisfaction and understanding of the services provided.

Grant Development

Our consultants will assist your group with the identification of public and private foundation funding which can be used to expand your group's development of primary care medical home standards, chronic disease management services and a host of other initiatives all with an AIM to maximize the care available through your group.  Our team of consultants will also provide the required maintenance, monitoring, evaluation and reporting that funders require.

Root Cause Analysis

Understanding the factors that generate the outcomes experienced by your group is critical.  Our consultants will analyze both clinical and financial data to assist with identification of factors that impact the ultimate outcomes achieved.  Through this analysis, our goal of achieving success for your practice can be fulfilled.

The AIMS Consulting team is here to assist you with factors external and internal to your practice environment.  Our goal is to insure you and your team can provide the Right Care, at the Right Place, at the Right Time, at the Right Cost in a compassionate and caring clinical environment.

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