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AIMS Consulting, Inc.
The business of healthcare is ever changing.  Creating, operating and the continual evaluation needed to insure the success of primary care medical groups and practices in the attainment of quality and sustainable health care services is a daily challenge. Critical to these changes is the focus on the systems of support needed to insure a successful patient and provider encounter.  

The AIMS Consulting team's AIM is to insure the provider of care and patient can interact with each other to insure the creation of positive health outcomes in a financially viable and compassionate clinical environment.  Our consultants have backgrounds in Financial Management; Clinical Coding, Root Cause Analysis, Employee Engagement, Community Advocacy and Outreach, Marketing, Grant Development and Monitoring, Organization Development, Strategic Planning, and a host of other services that are critical to the healthcare environment and the ability of the care provider to engage with the patient to achieve quality health outcomes for their patients and families.

Our team has over twenty (20) years of health care experience managing both public and private medical groups and organizations. Contact us today, to learn more as to how we can help you and your team achieve the success you desire for your patients, staff and the community you serve.

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